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Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world – Marilyn Monroe. This famous quote is the beacon of light that guides today’s dynamic duo to transform their dreams to reality, one shoe at a time! In the business of manufacturing handcrafted and intricately designed artisanal footwear, Apoorva Kamat and Sruthi Kande are poised for perfection with their sole-full enterprise “Karmantik".

Good shoes take you to good places!

The brand name is simple yet meaningful, derived from a Sanskrit term, Karmantik literally translates to craftsman in English. Their objective is to collaborate with cordwainers to revive the ancient art of shoemaking that is brought alive today with skills and knowledge passed down through generations. The output is sheer exclusivity and one of a kind traditional footwear produced by hand.  It is this ingenuity coupled with artistic finesse that carves a niche for Karmantik in the shoe-biz.

 Shoes speak louder than words

The brand’s ultimate vision is to build a stable livelihood for footwear craftsmen. They do this by creating awareness coupled with sustainable solutions to revive this quickly fading art. Currently working in cities such as Delhi, Hyderabad and a few cities in Haryana, the aim is to partner with artists across India. Providing them with a market for their hand-stitched shoes is far more complex than what meets the eye. From sourcing artisans and materials, design inputs to overlooking the final product’s branding and marketing, the whole process is effortlessly carried out by the two girls themselves.

Handcrafted shoe art just for you!

Apoorva and Sruthi are so passionate about the end product that the entire range apart from stitching of the fabric and the pasting of soles is all done by hand. The designs solely incorporate handloom fabrics such as kalamakari, ikats or hand block prints that are inspired by traditional Kolhapuri, Jutti patterns. Their products exude elegance and utmost comfort. The hand painted and hand dyed pieces are so versatile that they can be paired with daily wear or even a sari. Karmantik’s footwear is perfect for the Indo-western generation that is constantly on the move!

Step right into summer with candy colors!

Karmantiks Summer collection features eye-popping candy colors detailed with the intricacies of embroidery, dari weaves and many more hand-woven fabrics. The latest range lays emphasis on open flat wear in perfectly complementing hues that are well padded with slip resistant soles to embrace the spirit of the sun. Within the range of Rs. 950 – Rs.2000/- be assured that these traditionally curated masterpieces will enwrap a story of their own! The newest arrivals are all on display on the Facebook page.


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